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Accurate, actionable affiliate data

The Problem

Finding and recruiting affiliates is long, manual process and understanding the affiliate landscape in your industry is even harder

Our Unique Solution

We are the only company that can provide contact information for every affiliate that has promoted your competitors products or other products in your space.

Why we built Affiliatefinder

Before founding I spent countless hours manually finding and reaching out to affiliates without any substantial results. I joined every affiliate network in existence, I ran ads promoting my partner programs, and I reached out to more influencers than I can count. The results were disappointing.

Enter AffiliateFinder. Affiliate finder is the most efficient way to get new affiliate leads. Our approach is novel, but elegantly simple. Who better to recruit for your affiliate program than those who have already successfully promoted similar products.  

If you want to better understand your market, find amazing affiliate partners, and watch your sales explode then AffiliateFinder is your secret weapon.

We make finding affiliates easy. Grow quickly and profitably with our data.

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